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Applications of Transition Metal-Mediated Chemistry


We are an interdisciplinary research group that aims to develop solutions to challenges ranging from synthesis focused catalysis to the detection of small molecules in biological systems. To accomplish these goals we use mechanistic insight into organotransition metal chemistry.

Ethylene Detection.png
Organometallic Sensors for Small Molecule Analytes
Triggered Catalysis

Research Areas

Ethylene Detection

Group News

Manuscripts Accepted and Online!


Two manuscripts were recently published online. A preview of some really cool work from the Grela group was published in Chem Catalysis and Nick's first paper evaluating the impact of conjugating fluorophores to the Ru-carbene was published in RSC Chemical Biology as part of the 2023 RSC Chemical Biology Emerging Investigators Collection. Head over to the publications page to find more details.

Welcome Rotation Students!


Welcome Caleb (MCBP) and Kushani (Chemistry) as new rotation students in the Michel Lab.

New Funding!


This past Spring we were awarded a seed grant from the USDA-AFRI in collaboration with the Worrell Group.

Over the Summer we were awarded an R35-MIRA grant from the NIH-NIGMS!

Also over the summer, a team led by Dr. Michel was awarded a NSF-MRI grant to aquire a new 600 MHz NMR with a cryoprobe for the department.

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