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Applications of Transition Metal-Mediated Chemistry


We are an interdisciplinary research group that aims to develop solutions to challenges ranging from synthesis focused catalysis to the detection of small molecules in biological systems. To accomplish these goals we use mechanistic insight into organotransition metal chemistry.

Research Areas

Ethylene Detection.png
selectivt MI.png
Ethylene Detection
Control of Alkyne Migratory Insertion

Group News

Congrats to Samir and Mitchell!


Undergraduate Samir Rezgui has been awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and will be attending Cal Tech for graduate school starting Fall 2020!


Mitchell Ellinwood (former UG and current MS student) will be attending the University of Utah starting Fall 2020!

Congrats to Sacha!


Congratulations to Sacha Toussaint on being selected as 1 of "7 chemistry accounts we love on Instagram"

Congrats to the Group!


As of 11-2-18 Sacha and Ryan's Ethylene detection paper was the 15th most read paper over the last 30 days in JACS! Congrats!

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